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  • For anyone that is concerned about not getting real HGH this is what I got from Pfizer Turkey when I sent pictures of product and batch numbers

    Dear Steve Xxxxx

    Thank you for your interest in our company.
    We would like to confirm that the below mentioned product is an original Pfizer product. You can contact us anytime if you have additional questions.

    Kind regards,
    Pfizer Turkey

    “Pfizer processes and stores your personal information (for at least 6 years [or Loss of Patent] + 25 years for documents involving a potential adverse event and/or product quality complaints) to enable us to address your enquiry, complaint or such other matters that you have raised and to document our response. Your information will only be used for this purpose and your personal data will only be accessed by authorized persons unless required for legal proceedings. It may be necessary to share and/or transfer your personal information to Pfizer affiliates, partners and regulatory authorities located in countries besides your own. If reporting an adverse event, the information provided will be used in order to meet our regulatory requirements in relation to the safety of our medicines. Hereby with this clause, you give direct consent to processing and storing of your personal data by Pfizer, sharing them with third parties and with Pfizer affiliates, partners located in countries besides your own and to storing of your personal data in Pfizer’s servers. In accordance with Turkish Law on Personal Data Protection (Law no 6698) and with applicable legislation, you have the right to access, correct and delete your personal information. If you have any objections or further questions, please contact us by local Pfizer telephone number +902123107000 or by
    PLEASE NOTE that this information is intended only for the person who specifically has requested information about a Pfizer product. If you did not specifically request this information, please contact us via the aforementioned contact information”

  • 1. In Bangkok, we can deliver your growth hormone order within 3 hours and payment in cash, to other cities in Thailand for example Phuket delivery takes 12-24 hours
    2. We guarantee the safe international delivery to Australia, the passage of customs, the growth hormone is delivered in protective thermo-packaging to the door of your house or we will refund the money to you

  • I have 2 questions
    1/ I am looking to buy HGH when i come to thailand and am wondering if it is possible to organize to pick up there, when i come over ???? i read review that guy order at chemist and pay cash and had within 8 hrs,
    2/ I am sceptical if order on line weather it will not be seized buy costumes in Australia as well as the integrity of the product due to it fragile state .

  • thanks guys, got answers to all my questions

  • Received my order on January 15th, very satisfied with your international shipping.


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